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Design possibilities

With the ARTpanel range, Incatro offers super clean custom acoustic solutions.

They are available up to very large dimensions, seamless and clean, and with the highest available noise absorption per square metre.

The product range includes ARTwall for complete walls, ARTpanels for removable wall sections or celling sections, ARTscreens as movable room screens, ARTbaffles as hanging elements and ARTdeskscreens to be placed on desks.

Various types of lighting can be integrated into the system. Speakers can also be concealed in the panels, which can be used to create a unique interplay of images, light and sound. It is up to the designer what feeling is to be created in a space.

Incatro also offers special high-performance acoustic solutions to be positioned on, between or beside workstations. The primary purpose of these special solutions is to improve speech intelligibility and privacy in combination with attractive design. Designers have a completely free choice of colour, design, print and dimensions. Integrated solutions are also possible. This makes every ARTwall unique!
Incatro is your partner for advice, production and installation of acoustic design solutions.

Achieves its purpose effectively and aesthetically.