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Room acoustics play a particularly crucial role in meeting rooms, office buildings and schools.

To do this, Incatro measures the reverberation time and the associated speech intelligibility and provides custom advice.

The sound-absorbing ARTpanel materials improve speech clarity in a space while disturbing effects such as echoes and background noise are dampened.

This is done by providing the room with noise absorbing materials. A useful rule of thumb for the area needed is the following: once you know the volume of the space in cubic metres, you need 8% of this volume in square metres of ARTpanel to optimise the acoustics of a room that is fully finished with hard surfaces.

Incatro has years of experience in acoustic designs for offices and other spaces. Our advisors take an individual approach to every room and create a specific acoustic design to suit the environment. The functional and artistic designs can be applied in a very wide range of types of spaces.