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Speech intelligibility & privacy

The right room acoustics ensure that your employees can do their work more efficiently and enjoyably!

Speech intelligibility:
Of course, this is essential in office environments and is different in each space. In consulting rooms and meeting rooms, it is very important that the spoken word is properly understood by everyone present. Reflections on hard walls are disruptive factors that can drown out speech. The STI (Speech Transmission Index) and the reverberation time are parameters for this. Both are positively influenced by adding extra high quality absorption.

Speech privacy:

Speech privacy between different work areas is important. Research has repeatedly shown that colleagues' talking is the primary distraction factor in office environments. Improving speech privacy involves custom work. Our specialists can provide advice about this on site, or this can be calculated in the design stage.

Speech privacy can be achieved by fine-tuning the acoustic ABC Absorbing, Blocking and Covering. Incatro can calculate and implement this fine-tuning with precision.