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Quiet at home remains your decision

Invisible, but a daily nuisance in your home: reverberation and undesired noise reflections from walls and ceilings.

ARTpanel dispenses with this decisively with an extensive range of acoustic panels. Surprising results are possible with just a few square metres.

Our web shop has a wide selection of possibilities and designs. You can upload your own image material or choose from endless categories in our web shop.

Here, you will find a large selection of images that we can offer to you free of charge. You can also choose from collections by photographers and artists that are subject to an extra royalty surcharge. Where applicable, this is stated for the given image. You can place your order online directly. For the size required, we suggest a general guideline: enter the volume of your room or space and you can read off the estimated area of your ARTpanel directly.

For larger residences and villas with living rooms with a volume of 100 m3 or more, an acoustic consultation is essential. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our consultant will be happy to visit you to make an assessment with no obligation.

ARTpanel: makes home living as it was intended to be.


Were you unable to find a suitable image in our image bank?
Check the websites below where you can find a selection of millions of images. Registration is not necessary. Just give us the image number and we’ll do the rest. If your choice of image involves extra costs are associated with, we will discuss this with you before ordering the image.
All images are royalty free. You pay a fixed amount once.
Enter a search term in English. Contact us for price and usagerights.