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Reverberation – or an echo – occurs in living spaces when sound waves can reflect off of hard, flat surfaces unhindered.

Because the listener receives the reflected sound later than the direct sound, this can negatively affect the clarity of the direct source sound (for example speech or music).

Incatro offers solutions to reduce these undesired reflections as much as possible. This is done by installing highly noise-absorbent materials in the room. This can be done with ARTpanel as a decorative artwork on the wall, with ARTwall to acoustically isolate a whole wall, or with tasteful ARTceiling panels that absorb undesired reflections from the ceiling.

A practical rule of thumb for the necessary size is the following. Calculate the volume of your space, for example the living room, in cubic metres. Eight percent of this figure is the area in square metres of ARTpanel that you need to optimise the space acoustically. This standard is slightly higher for kitchen spaces, about ten percent.