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Functionality & Design

A characteristic advantage of the acoustic systems is that they can be integrated into your interior according to your own taste.

The flexibility of dimensions and the virtually limitless range of colours and prints mean that there is an individual acoustic solution for every space in your home.

Good to know
Incatro gives a full guarantee on both the quality and functioning of the products.

Handy and practical
ARTpanels are made according to individual specifications. A sturdy aluminium frame is filled with a sandwich of highly absorptive materials and covered with a fire-safe, washable, acoustically-open textile. They are a total of 57 mm thick and they weigh about 10 kg per m2.
The ARTpanels are then packaged in a box, complete with mounting brackets and an installation manual, of course safely delivered by special courier. You will be informed of this in advance.

Download the installation manual.