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Information on Acoustic solutions

Due to increasing demand for aesthetic solutions from designers, private customers and acoustics consultants, Incatro developed a new product: Acoustic Relevant Tissue, or ARTwall.

Every room has its own acoustic properties. However, it is important to adjust these characteristics according to the room’s function. The room acoustics can be influenced with different variables and tuned to the specific use.

Sound is a combination of different air pressures at different frequencies. The most important frequency ranges for human speech is 250 Hz to 2000 Hz, and 125 to 4000 Hz for music.

The most important variable in this is sound absorption. Every material used in a room absorbs sound to a greater or lesser extent.

For speech, “speech intelligibility” is particularly important. Noise absorption is also the most important variable for this that can be influenced.

Sound absorption means interrupting sound, or not reflecting sound. The better this works per m² of material used, the less material is needed for this. ARTwall has one of the highest possible values that is currently available on the market and can also be applied differently per frequency range.

Another important factor for the design of a space is that the ARTwall can be integrated seamlessly in virtually any desired size, shape and design.

The combination of both technical and aesthetic flexibility with maximum performance in both areas makes ARTwall a unique product on the market.