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The term “room acoustics“ is a comprehensive notion that is often referred to by using qualitative expressions, such as: the acoustics are “dry”, “warm”, “spacial” or “clear”.

To investigate and qualify the acoustics of a room, we use a number of parameters:

The most relevant room acoustic parameters are: 

  • Reverberation Time and Early Decay Time
  • Sound transmission (direct and indirect radiation)
  • Echoes und flutter echoes
  • Speech intelligibility (RASTI)
  • Bas-Ratio (BR)
  • Clarity

As every building has a different room structure and different acoustic requirements, it is necessary to design individual acoustical measures. Incatro is able to develop a complete acoustic design for any room.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to make a consultation appointment with one of our acoustic advisers.

In order let our clients experience the differences in room acoustics we presented two optically identical cabins at the Orgatec Tradeshow in Germany. One cabin was made of a hard material and lined with prints at the inside, the other one was fully lined with our acoustic wall covering (ARTwall). Experience the differences yourself and take a look at our video! 


The video filmed on the premises of one of our German clients clearly visualizes the before-after effect, which is confirmed by numbers and statistics. By using ARTceilings and ARTpanels, the reverberation time in this classroom could be reduced from 1.3 to 0.5 seconds


Noise = Stress 

Noise represents a major stress factor at work. Following the University of British Columbia, employees who are constantly working in a noisy environment have a 100% higher risk of serious cardiovascular diseases. For people under the age of 50, the risk is even four times higher. It is supposed that noise in a work environment is perceived as a major source of stress and therefore increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the report reveals that noise stimulates overweight and excess nicotine consumption.

(Source: Employment Agency/Bron: Nationale Vacaturebank)