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ARTpanel and the creative end of reverberation

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ARTpanel and the creative end of reverberation
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In homes and offices, ARTpanel artfully deals with undesired reverberation. Aside from the pleasing effects – the return of peace and quiet –ARTpanel is also a tasteful design addition. Many creative and artistic examples are proposed in the ARTpanel web shop. You can use your logo or even your holiday photos!

A known phenomenon: reverberation

Clean, stylish and discreet: these are a few of the characteristics of our offices and living rooms. Aside from the floor covering and the curtains, the trend in recent years has been toward leaving the basic structure of stone or concrete completely visible. After all, ‘less is more’, and this also applies to our furnishings. The only disadvantage is that noises are now freer than ever to bounce off floors and walls to their heart’s content. ‘Echoing’ is perhaps the more familiar term for this.

The solution: absorb the sound
ARTpanel developed ‘sound absorbers’ as a way to deal with this effectively. These were designed over the past decades by Incatro Room Acoustics, a company that specialises in acoustics in rooms. “We worked with engineers and universities to further perfect the ARTpanel,” says director Carl Huijskens. “It currently sets the international standard for ideal room acoustics”.

What are ‘room acoustics’?
“Everyone knows the concept of ‘reverberation’: the ‘hollow’ sound that is created when sound waves reflect off a wall and reach our ears a fraction of a second later than the original ‘source sound’. These are the undesired reflections that can have an irritating effect on our speech or music.”

How exactly does ARTpanel work?
ARTpanel effectively ‘absorbs’ these disruptive reflections. Or in technical terms, walls and ceilings are acoustically ‘neutralised’. “Because the listener only hears the original source sound, from now on voices sound clear, music sparkles and conversations are much more pleasant because the attention is not constantly distracted by disturbing echoes.”

Choosing creatively at the web shop

ARTpanel is less than six centimetres thick and comes in a variety of standard sizes, and is tastefully finished on the visible surface. Surprising results can be obtained with just a few square metres. “ARTpanel is available in solid colours or can be finished with a photo image or in a company’s house style as desired. We have created a number of different categories in our web shop at From there, anyone can creatively put together their personal ARTpanel and order online directly.”

For architects and advisors too

More information, including about the extensive business applications and the possibilities of ARTpanel for architects, can be found at ARTpanel has branches in Roermond, Ridderkerk and Zwolle and can be reached by telephone at +31 (0)475 33 69 69. You can also put your question to customer service directly by email at

Note for the editors, not for publication:

For royalty-free image material (full colour, 300 dpi) you can contact Ralph Huyskens from Incatro, tel. +31 33 69 69 or by email at