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Unique: the round and oval acoustic wall panel

The ARTpanel ‘Rondo’ is one of our most recent innovations and offers many special features: a the round and oval acoustic wall panel with aluminum profile and exchangeable photo print.

The round acoustic wall panel has an aluminum profile which can not only be covered with fabric in standard solid colours, but also with an exchangeable digital photo print. A great way to create an aesthetical and unique artwork for your wall or ceiling.


  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally to a wall or ceiling
  • Available in three different diameters: 120 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm
  • Aluminum profile of 57 mm width
  • Profile available in three colours: WHITE (9016), BLACK (7021) and
    ALUMINIUM (9006)
  • Many different fabric colours available (standard solid colours or photo print)

Application areas

  • Living spaces
  • Offices
  • Call centers
  • Preactice rooms
  • Restaurants / café's
  • Hotels
  • Conference rooms