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With ARTbase, a mobile acoustic column, you not only improve the acoustics of the room, but also embellish your home with modern design.

New: ARTbase –  the revolutionary acoustic column by Incatro.

Optimize the acoustics and add a modern design element to your home with ARTbase, an acoustic column that improves the sound of the room by absorbing reverberation, including low frequencies. This mobile and compact column is the ideal solution when there is no space on the walls and ceilings of the room or if you don’t wish to hang anything up.

ARTbase is a rectangular, upholstered column that can be placed and moved around easily. The acoustic column is a real eye-catcher and can also be used as a pedestal to place your artworks or plants in the spotlight. Thanks to its high absorption capacity of up to 125 Hz, ARTpillar improves speech intelligibility and enriches the atmosphere of your home in a creative way.

Fabric selection: Gabriel Runner & Omega
On adjustable feet or wheels.

Width: 35 x 35 cm
Height: 160 cm
Price on request.

The perfect design solution: Combine ARTbase with an ARTpanel for optimum results as to acoustics and design.




During development and testing in our Soundlab the ARTbase was named ARTpillar.

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