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What are noise reducing curtains en lamellas?

Sales only to commercial customers

In addition to sound reducing panels, walls and ceilings, Incatro now also offers transparent acoustic curtains and lamellas. These elegant noise absorbing products are available in many different versions and therefore particularly suitable to improve the acoustics in business and private environments in an aesthetical way.

Noise reducing curtains and lamellas

ARTcurtain und ARTblinds: Two new Incatro products

ARTcurtain und ARTblinds: 
The ideal acoustic solution for business and private use

The ideal acoustic solution for business and private use 
Nowadays, many modern office buildings but also private homes have extensive window areas. While letting lots of daylight in, these represent at the same time ideal reflection areas for all sorts of noise because of their hard and even surface. Solving this problem with heavy curtains and sound absorbing wall panels is not an option, as daylight is blocked out. As a consequence, the problem of disturbing sound reflections persists. 

ARTcurtain and ARTblinds
As an answer to this problem, Incatro has recently added two new products to the range of acoustic solutions which meet high aesthetic expectations: ARTcurtain and ARTblinds. These products are not only able to absorb sound and improve the acoustics, but also offer the long-awaited, ideal combination of light regulation, heat rejection and noise reduction at the same time.
Noise reducing curtains and lamellas   Noise reducing curtains and lamellas
Two solutions in one product
ARTcurtain and ARTblinds filter daylight in a special and unique way: They protect from unwanted views from the outside and direct sunlight, but allow at the same time an unobstructed view and absorb maximum noise. As a double effect, they offer an acoustic solution and a stylish form of sun protection at the same time.

Up to five times more sound absorption
ARTcurtain is made of a transparent fabric which – other than expected – has maximum sound absorbing properties, that are five times (!) as high as those of regular curtain fabric.

ARTblinds are acoustic lamellas with identical properties. They represent an ideal solution when many different tasks with individual acoustic requirements are performed in the same room. With their help, the acoustics can be tailored and regulated according to the specific needs.

With the help of ARTcurtain and ARTblinds, it is possible to have undisturbed conversations at the office again without annoying echo’s and sound reflections. In private homes, they recreate a silent room climate for young and old in a particularly tasteful way.

There is no acoustic problem which we can’t solve 
Incatro is specialized in solving acoustic problems in almost any economic sector. Our clients are universities, companies, public authorities, healthcare institutions as well as theaters, studios, churches and private homes. Incatro has acoustic solutions for all needs.

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