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Project: Indoor swimming pool 3/2012

Assignment: A combination of decorating the space and removing the hollow acoustics.

Bouwbedrijf Zeegers for private customer

A known problem with indoor swimming pools is the hollow sound (bathroom acoustics). The customer also wanted to decorate the space with a photo

Solution: "ARTwall"

Application of absorptive material in this large, high space with many glass walls. It was decided to use a triptych for this (photo wall). The profiles (57 mm) were recessed into the wall and protrude by approx. 1 cm, which gives an elegant appearance.

Design: Incatro Room Acoustics | ARTpanel

Products used:

ARTwall: 3 panels 200 cm wide and 300 cm high each for a total of 18 square metres.

The ARTwalls were installed at the customer's location in 2 phases.
The profiles were installed first, and once the walls had been plastered we added the acoustic fill and stretched the prints.