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Project: Stichting Kerken Ommoord Rotterdam/ 11-2012

Acoustic and aesthetic modifications in the “Stilteruimte” [Silent room] and the Lady Chapel of the Stichting Kerken Ommoord (Protestant and Roman-Catholic church). The "Stilteruimte" is a 10 metre high cylindrical space, which produces a very annoying long reverberation time. Incatro provided the acoustic measurement and made a number of proposals on the basis of this in which the acoustics and the aesthetic appearance were equally important.

Subject: Incatro
Proposal for the Stilteruimte on the basis of 7 x ARTpanels with an art print. Dimensions 120 x 400 cm
Also 2 x ARTpanel 120 x 120 cm provided with LED lighting.
Proposal for Lady Chapel: 4 x ARTpanel 100 x 380 cm and 2 panels 100 x 260 cm.
Image: reproduction of detail from painting by Ralph Huyskens