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Swimming pools

Relaxation and exercise in indoor pools are most enjoyable when the acoustic is not disturbed by reverberation and echoes. Unfortunately, this is often the case , because hard building materials are used on the floor and at the walls

By using acoustic wall panels [ARTpanel] and / or ceiling panels [ARTceiling] we can eliminate this kind of undesired reflexions and reverberations. By this means, swimming in an indoor pool can offer the same acoustic comfort as outside.

Project: private indoor pool

Task: Eliminating the problem of hollow sound and creating a nicer atmosphere in the room.
Customer: Building company Zeegers on behalf of a private client

akoestische platen

Hollow sound is a common nuisance in indoor pools. While solving the problem, we were asked to create a nicer atmosphere in the room by using a special photo.

For this purpose, we placed absorbing materials in the respective room, which was not only big and high, but contained also many glass walls. We created a photo wall in three parts and integrated the profiles into wall. As the profiles on wall stood out by about 1 cm, an elegant touch was added to the room.

Incatro Room Acoustics | ARTpanel

Products used:
ARTwall, 3 panels of 200 cm width and 300 cm height each, which represented a total area of 18 square meters.
The ARTwalls were installed in 2 phases.
Installation of the profiles. Once the walls had been plastered, we placed the acoustic filling and inserted the prints.

Example indoor pool with ARTceiling

akoestisch plafond

Example indoor pool with ARTwall (seemless wall)

akoestische wandpanelen

Are you looking for more inspiration? Please take a look at the photos below!

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