Incatro offers schools and universities acoustic services, as acoustic comfort is especially important in learning environments.

About Acoustics

Our recommendation regarding disturbing reverberations in classrooms:

In furnished rooms that are used by multiple people as well as offices, the reverberation time should not exceed 0.8 seconds. 
Good speech intelligibility can be achieved by preventing 
disturbing reflections, resonances and echoes by placing sound absorbing material (aw ≥ 0,85) in the middle part of the ceiling. The surface area of the absorption material should represent 60-70% of the floor surface.

Source: SenterNovem / Programme of measures “Energy-conscious Schools“

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The programme “Energy-conscious Schools” is part of the Dutch initiative “Kompas, living and working in an energy-conscious way”. This initiative aims at reducing the energy consumption of schools and improving the room climate (please see website for more information). 
Target groups of the initiative are school boards and school directors, as well as employees at the municipalities who are responsible for the buildings in which schools reside. But also teachers, parents and technical advisors should visit .

The website holds up-to date and practical information on the goals of the project on a technical, organizational and financial level. Furthermore, the experiences of many school boards and municipalities have been recorded, and publications on this topic can be downloaded. These include a digital version of the catalogue of measures “Energy-conscious schools“ as well as a complete list of technical terms and explanations.

'Quiet Classrooms' is the title of a detailed report on acoustic in classrooms produced by the “Acoustical Society of America”. 
The report is targeted at architects, teachers and planners who are involved in the construction and renovation of classrooms. The report can’t replace acoustic advice, but gives good insight into the common terms and regulations a “healthy“ classroom should fulfill

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