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The acoustics home page for architects and consultants

We often work together with project and office designers, (interior) architects, interior designers, sound agencies, construction companies and other consultants within the furnishing, design and construction world. Just like you!

Incatro is happy to help you as a consultant fulfill your customer's wishes in the field of acoustics. In turn, you can help Incatro develop and distribute custom acoustic solutions that really make a difference, now and in the future.

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Special discounts for dealers.

We appreciate a good cooperation. To make this interesting for you as a consultant, we use special dealer discounts.

No special discount agreement yet? Our acoustics expert will be happy to visit you to see what you need from us to make your project a success and to discuss the details of a possible dealership.

Looking for collaboration opportunities or interested in our dealer discounts? Please make an appointment.

Direct entry to information

Especially for you as a consultant, we have listed the most important sources of information and tools related to acoustics.

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Acoustics measurement required

To determine exactly what the problem is, we always carry out an acoustic measurement.

With the results of this measurement, we can advise you on which acoustic solution or combination of solutions is best suited to your customer's situation.

This gives you and your customer the certainty that the problem will actually be solved and that no more is purchased than necessary.

Request a acoustic measurement today.

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Handy acoustics price calculator

We have made an acoustics price calculator especially for you as an consultant.

With this price calculator you can quickly calculate the cost of a specific acoustic solution or combination of solutions.

Then you can immediately proceed with the quotation for your customer.

Interested in our acoustics price calculator?

Please note: the price calculator calculates prices excluding transport to the customer and assembly at location. If you do want to include this in the price, it is best to have a quote made by our acoustics experts.

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Technical details acoustic panels

For each of our acoustic products we have set up a short factsheet with technical details.

This way you can quickly see how the product is composed, how it is applied, and which absorption value applies. With several inspiration and detail photos.

Ideal to take with you to your customer or to add to the specification drawing.

Which factsheet(s) do you need?

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Measurement reports acoustic products

Incatro stands for the best acoustic solution for every situation. We can only achieve this with acoustic products that actually work.

The acoustic products of Incatro are characterized by the highest possible absorption values ​​in the market. For this, we have had a measurement carried out for each panel type by a recognized institute.

For which product would you like to receive a measurement report?

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Sample cards fabrics Incatro

In principle, our acoustic panels can be provided with a fabric of your choice. Smooth or textured. On our fabric sample card page we have listed the fabrics we work with the most.

We will of course also be happy to send you a sample. Or even better: our acoustics expert will visit you to discuss the details.

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Image bank Incatro

Does your customer prefer an acoustic panel with a photo print? Then you can choose an image from our digital image bank, from an artist or photographer. Or maybe your customer has his own photo or digital file that he wants to process.

The image is sublimation printed on specially recycled fabric made from PET bottles. As a result, the image is printed very sharp, and the colors come out to their fullest.

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Interesting developments

Our acoustics industry is constantly evolving. We have listed the most important developments especially for you as a consultant.

  • Every year we carry out about 350-400 projects in the Benelux and Germany. Perhaps there is a project with a similar situation from which you can find inspiration?
  • Incatro is constantly working on product development. We are also happy to do this in collaboration with you as your customer's advisor. After all, we provide customization.

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