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Incatro Room Acoustics Shell AR Tpanel 101

Incatro, proud partner of Shell Netherlands

In the past year Incatro has been working on one of the largest projects ever in its existence. Incatro was selected from various suppliers to improve the office acoustics for one of the oldest and most characteristic office buildings of Shell Netherlands, at Carel van Bylandtlaan 30 in The Hague. A fantastic project where almost 2000 ARTpanels, our acoustic wall panels, have been applied.

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Welcome to Incatro Room Acoustics. We improve your acoustics. For more than 25 years we have been advising business customers, architects, interior and project designers and private customers with their acoustic problems. To their complete satisfaction … and with warranty!

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Improving acoustics in all sectors

Improving acoustics in all sectors

In all those years we have been able to help many customers in solving their acoustic problems. In sectors such as offices, education, childcare locations, the catering industry, healthcare, but also at private homes. They are happy to tell you about it.

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Acoustic solution for every room

Acoustic solution for every room

An office space requires a different acoustic solution than a living area in a care center or a classroom in education. We advise you the solution that suits your situation!

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Beautiful custom made acoustic panels

Beautiful custom made acoustic panels

Our acoustic products are characterised by their high absorption values, sleek and timeless design and customisation with options for cable passages and recesses. A top-quality product with a personal design.

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To be able to advise you the right acoustic product, we must first find out exactly what the problem is. After all, you do want a solution that suits your situation, right?

Improving acoustics in 3 steps
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