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Acoustic photo panel

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Acoustic panels with a photo print

Nowadays, an acoustic panel can also be fitted with a beautiful photo.

You can choose your own (photo) print from (our) image bank, from a particular artist or your own photo, or have your own digital file processed. This not only improves the acoustics, but also gives you a beautiful work of art on the wall.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

What is an acoustic photo panel?

An acoustic photo panel is a sound-absorbing panel with a photo cloth on the front.

To absorb sound properly, the acoustic photo panel must be made up of a frame with acoustic "open" padding and fabric with photo, which is also "open". Then the sound can actually be absorbed and does not spread further through the room.

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Design of acoustic photo panel

In principle, the acoustic photo panel can be printed with any photo or digital file you want. Provided the quality of the file is good enough, of course.

Your chosen image is printed on special recycled fabric in sublimation printing. This makes the colours and special details stand out. The acoustic photo panel can be made in any shape or even as a complete wall filling.

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How many acoustic photo panels do you need?

Our acoustics experts first do an acoustics measurement to see how bad the noise problems are. Then they give advice on how much absorption surface to add.

If the need for absorption surface is high, several acoustic photo panels are often recommended, or several different acoustic solutions.

Would you like to know how you can improve the acoustics in your room(s)? Then make an appointment for an acoustic measurement.

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Installation of photo panels

The acoustic photo panel is best placed near the sound source.This way, the sound is absorbed immediately before it can propagate further.

The photo panel is fixed with wall brackets to the wall or steel cables to the ceiling. This is done by our expert installation team. In some cases, you can also do it yourself with the help of our handy instructions.

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Choosing Incatro consciously

Incatro works based on 7 basic values so that you know exactly what to expect from us.

1. Experienced and reliable; your partner in acoustics
2. High-quality product with clean design
3. Highest absorption values on the market
4. Customised with your own personal look
5. Full support by our acoustics experts
6. Production and assembly by our experienced craftsmen
7. 100% satisfaction guarantee after professional bile measurement

Want to know more?

Would you like to know what an acoustic solution costs for your room(s)? Then we will gladly give you an initial indication of the costs for the best acoustic solution.

Acoustic photo panel


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Acoustic solution for every room

An office space requires a different acoustic solution than a living area in a care center or a classroom in education. We advise you the solution that suits your situation!

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