Acoustic wall panels

What to do when the people around you have difficulty understanding each other and even feel stressed by reverberations and echoes in the room? Our acoustic wall panels are a very effective solution, because they absorb all disturbing sound reflections. You will finally be understood again, and peace will return.

The number of square metres needed for optimal acoustics is decisive for the design of the acoustic wall panel. This is determined by our acoustic experts on the basis of an acoustic test. They advise you on the choice of the optimal acoustic solution that also fits aesthetically with your interior.

Our acoustic wall panels are characterised by a high absorption value (up to 95%), high-quality workmanship, and the possibility of taking special details into account. They are developed and produced in-house and installed on site by our expert installation team.

Acoustic wall panels


Perfect sound absorption on the wall


Perfect sound absorption on the wall

ARTpanel / ARTwall / ARTceiling 89 mm

Acoustic panels for broadband and low-frequency absorption


Acoustic whiteboard – magnetic board


Perfect sound absorption using wood


Versatile acoustic solution with a fresh design
Acoustic solution for every room

Acoustic solution for every room

An office space requires a different acoustic solution than a living area in a care center or a classroom in education. We advise you the solution that suits your situation!

Solutions for your room