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Acoustic panels with a personalised design

All our acoustic products can be covered with any fabric of your choice. This can be a smooth fabric or a fabric with texture. Do you prefer an acoustic solution with a (photo) print? That is possible!

Here too, you can choose a print from an image bank, from a specific artist, or have your own photo or digital file processed. In short, the design options are unlimited.

Top quality fabrics

The fabrics in our selection are furniture fabrics of very high quality. They are dimensionally stable (not sensitive to moisture), flame retardant and available in many colours and structures.

So, completely to your liking!

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Verotex Fidivi Collection

  1. Fidivi Collection

See and feel

Would you rather see and feel a certain fabric with your own eyes, make an appointment in one of our showrooms.

Prefer to receive a sample card by post? Or call us on +31 (0)85 486 3380 and we will send the card to you according to your wishes.

Please note: our suppliers are also constantly improving and renewing their products. So it may be that a certain substance is no longer available at some point. We try to keep an eye on this as closely as possible, but it is of course possible that we are not aware of this either.