Improving the acoustics in a church building

Die richtige Atmosphäre
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— die richtige Balance zwischen Nachhall und Raumklang

Improving the acoustics in a church building

A church is a special building. Originally, they were often characterized by a large space with special shapes, enormous height and many hard surfaces. Today, church buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Attention to acoustics is essential in both types of church buildings. After all, it is about the right balance between beautiful sounds and a good transmission of the message of faith.

In addition, churches are now also used for other purposes. For example, as a business premises, as a hotel, as a residence. Incatro's solutions ensure that the acoustic environment matches this new function.

Benefits of the right acoustics in a church

Reverberation is generally accepted in a church building. Still, there are many benefits to be gained from improving the acoustics in a church building. In some cases, it is even necessary if the building is used for other functions. Benefits include:

  • Shorter reverberation time
  • Less sound reflections
  • Better speech intelligibility
  • Better transmission of the message of faith
  • More visitors for Mass
  • A more pleasant stay in a large space

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Most recommended acoustic solutions for the church

Because no two church buildings are the same, customization is necessary for these types of buildings. Before advising you on a solution, we will always conduct an acoustic audit with an on-site acoustic measurement. Depending on the outcome of this measurement and your wishes and requirements, you will receive tailor-made acoustic advice from us.

The most used acoustic solutions that we have applied to our customers with a church building are:

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Improving acoustics in a church; various projects

As an expert in customized acoustics, Incatro has already provided church buildings with various functions with the right acoustic solution.

  • Projects with church building used as church
    This is where our expertise in the field of church acoustics, in combination with so-called electro-acoustic, forms the basis for Incatro's customized advice. We make sure that electronic sounds behave in the right way.
  • Projects with church building with a different function

For an indication of projects for other sectors and spaces, please check our references.

Featured projects

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