Versatile acoustic solution with a fresh design
Soundleaves Incatro 25

Versatile and fresh

In most office environments, the well-known, large, static acoustic screens are being used. However, the new way of working with its variety of flexible workplaces requires a suitable and versatile solution. That's exactly what our Soundleaves offer: the perfect combination of design and maximum sound absorption.

Winner of the Reddot Design Award 2017

Designed by Carl Huijskens and interior designer Feran Thomassen and winner of the Reddot Design Award, the Soundleaves series has been specially designed for those who want to create a beautiful and quiet workplace.

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Different series

Soundleaves are available as

- DESK series; desk element

- WALLseries; element that hangs on the wall

- AIRseries; element that hangs from the ceiling

- FLOORseries #01 and #02; element that is placed between workstations

Soundleaves Incatro 27

Personalised design

Soundleaves can be covered with any fabric. You have the choice between both smooth and textured fabrics, as well as between various colours. Would you prefer acoustic screen with a photo print? We would be happy to print a motif of your choice on our specially recycled cover fabric made from PET bottles. Since we work with sublimation printing processes, the colours are printed into the fabric fibre itself so that the reproduced image is razor sharp.

You can choose from motifs from our image database, works by a specific artist, your own photo, or your own digital image file. In short, the design options are unlimited.

Soundleaves Incatro 17

Sustainable acoustic solution

Incatro wants to contribute to a world with a better quality of life. That’s why we respect the environment and place special emphasis on the sustainability of our acoustic panels. This way, we can guarantee the long-term quality and acoustic properties of our products. Our photo prints and single-colour fabrics are easily replaceable, which means you can enjoy your acoustic product for even longer. Since our products are free of harmful substances, they can be disposed of as normal waste. If you so desire, Incatro will also take back your product free of charge.

Since 2018, Incatro has been certified by the Dutch Technical Supervisory Association with the NEN-EN- ISO 14001:2015 certificate (International environmental management standard).

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