Incatro Room Acoustic akoestiek meting en advies

Acoustic measurement and advice

Every room is different and has its own function, characteristics, and acoustics. If the acoustics in a room are not optimal, reverberation and disturbing sound reflections occur. This is usually perceived as very disturbing by the users of the room. To find the right solution for your problem, we must first thoroughly research the acoustics. This way, we can ensure that your problem is solved.

Improving the acoustics in 3 steps

The acoustic research is carried out in 3 steps:

1. Audit
2. On-site acoustic measurement
3. Consultation and solution proposal

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

Incatro homepage oplossing voor elke ruimte 2
— A good acoustic measurement results in the best solution

1. Audit

First, it is important to investigate the problems caused by the acoustics. Is there too much reverberation? Do employees find (telephone) conversations from colleagues disturbing? Are there speech comprehension problems? Acoustics are often the root cause of these problems.

Furthermore, our acoustics experts look at the type of room and its characteristics. Office spaces, for example, have different acoustic requirements than churches or concert halls. Other important questions are: How is the room furnished and equipped? What kind of flooring is used? Are there large glass surfaces? How are the walls and ceilings clad? Finally, the dimensions of the room (length, width, and height) are measured.

All these parameters have an influence on the room acoustics.

Once the audit is completed, we will arrange an appointment with you for an acoustic measurement on site.

Akoestiekmeting 1

2. Acoustic measurement

The acoustics measurement shows exactly how sound behaves in a room and helps to get to the bottom of the problem of poor acoustics.

In some rooms, the acoustics are mainly poor at low sound frequencies, while in other rooms acoustic problems arise at speech level. Therefore, we carry out measurements in different parts and at different heights of the room.

During the acoustic measurement, we use different measuring methods and devices. Depending on the nature of the problem and your wishes, different sound measurements can be carried out.

Simple acoustic measurement

If problems with the acoustics occur in a living room, a kitchen or a medium-sized business space, a simple acoustic measurement is usually sufficient. In this case, our acoustics experts use an alarm pistol to calculate the reverberation time. These parameters are compared with the applicable standards and guidelines.

Then, by the means of a special formula our acoustic experts calculate the area in square meters which is needed to reduce the reverberation.

Complex acoustic measurement

Sometimes, however, a simple acoustic measurement is not enough, for example in churches, theatres, concert halls, meeting and conference rooms, sound studios or open-plan offices, large workplaces, or reception halls. Since other guidelines and reference values apply to such rooms, a more complex acoustic measurement is required.

We carry out the more complex acoustic measurements together with professional partner companies. Afterwards, you will receive a measurement report that you may also use (internally) to justify the need for an investment.

Incatro Room Acoustics 3 D simulatie 1 1

3D acoustic simulation

An example of a more complex acoustic measurement is the 3D acoustic simulation. This method allows to examine the room acoustics in an artificially created environment in more detail. The dimensions of the room as well as its shape, building materials, furnishings as well as function are considered. For more information, see our blog "Is 3D acoustic simulation the best measurement method for your acoustic problem?" (in Dutch).

Image: Schall und Raum

3. Advice and solution

The results of the acoustic measurement are summarised for you in an official measurement report. Based on the results, we calculate how many square metres of acoustic material are needed to improve the acoustics. The acoustic solution can consist of different acoustic products, which we select together with you. Since all our acoustic products are custom-made according to your wishes, you can be sure that they not only improve the acoustics, but also fit perfectly with the interior of the room in question.

During the measurement appointment, our acoustic experts take photos of the room. We use these to illustrate the various options for you. All the information is included in our personal quotation for you, which also includes the installation costs.

Once you have accepted our offer and selected the fabrics and prints for your acoustic product, the products are pre-assembled in our workshop, including cut-outs for lighting, sockets and other elements.

The acoustic products are then installed on your premises. Our experts will choose the time that suits you best and ensure that you are not disturbed by the work. The panels are installed in no time and you will notice a difference immediately.

Incatro Room Acoustics AR Twall 2
— Beautiful ARTwall that fits the interior perfectly

Free acoustic measurement

For an acoustic measurement, we use our expertise and experience in the field of room acoustics. This involves different costs depending on the type of measurement, but in many cases, they can be offset against the purchase price. In addition, an acoustic measurement gives you the certainty that you will not purchase more products than necessary and that your problem will really be solved.

Would you like to know which acoustic product is the best solution for your acoustic problem? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.