Improving acoustics in the hospitality industry

Create the optimal guest experience.
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— Good acoustics have a positive effect on reviews and sales.

Improving acoustics in the hospitality industry

In the hospitality industry you will be confronted with a wide range of different sounds. It is therefore essential to pay attention to these sounds and how they behave in space. Incatro's acoustic products regulate this, so that sound makes a positive contribution to your total concept.

Benefits of improving acoustics in the hospitality industry

When the acoustics are properly arranged, this immediately has a positive effect on the atmosphere and ambiance of your catering facility. This is not only pleasant for your staff, but also for your guests. Improving the acoustics has even more advantages, such as:

  • Positive effect on guest experience
  • Longer stay in a catering facility
  • Increase in turnover
  • Better reviews
  • Speech intelligibility improvement
  • Speech privacy improvement
  • Focus on the purpose of the meeting

Improving acoustics in your catering facility is therefore good for both the employee and the guest and therefore for the turnover and popularity of your company.

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The most recommended acoustic solutions for the hospitality industry

In order to arrive at the right acoustic atmosphere and ambiance, we must first investigate a number of things:

1. Which room(s) is (are) involved?
Our experience shows that most acoustic problems occur in:
- the café-restaurant,
- the meeting room,
- at the reception desk
- in the stairwells and long corridors.

2. Which laws and regulations do we have to take into account?
If we look at laws and regulations regarding acoustics in The Netherlands, only the Dutch Working Conditions Act that sets frameworks for the health, safety and welfare of employees applies.
The provisions on noise standards in the Dutch Activities Decree have to do with the noise that the neighbours of a catering business may hear in the living rooms and bedrooms of homes or on the facades of homes. However, no noise requirements are set for noise within the catering establishment. Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg have their own rules.

3. What exactly is the problem?
In order to find out exactly where the problem lies, an acoustic measurement is first performed. Of course, we first need to know exactly how big the problem is and how it arises. We then also look at the interior and ambiance of the space. The solution should not only improve the acoustics, but also aesthetically fit within the experience and expectations of you and your guest.

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Improving acoustics in the hospitality industry; various projects

Over the years, Incatro has helped various catering establishments improve their acoustic environment. A small selection is listed below.

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References of acoustic solutions for hospitality

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Total concept inspiration at the Inspirium

In addition, we have been a proud partner of the Inspirium for several years, a partner platform especially for the hospitality industry.

You can come to the Inspirium for inspiration, expertise and realization of your catering concept. The partners at the Inspirium believe in the fact that every hospitality concept tells a story, which is unique and deserves attention. That it is ultimately about creating the ultimate guest experience.

More information about Insprium.

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