Incatro was officially certified by TÜV Netherlands with the NEN-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 certificate on September 29th, 2018.

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Iso 14001

Incatro was officially certified by TÜV Netherlands with the NEN-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 certificate on September 29th, 2018.

Proven to be 100% reliable

Due to increasing customer expectations regarding social responsibility and our own desire to become more sustainable as a company, we have invested a lot of time and energy in our certification last year. By doing so, we want to stand out from our competitors and attract new customers.

We want to contribute to a better world by creating a better quality of life for everyone

By manufacturing our products with a minimal carbon footprint and investing in sustainable developments and processes.
Our goal is that at least 50% of our products are made from recycled materials. At the moment, our products are 100% recyclable

Consumers, businesses and public authorities demand proof of the reliability of companies. Certificates and quality marks meet this demand. Trust creates security, and the limitation of risks and liabilities is essential when it comes to doing business. Risks cause costs, and in the worst case, damage or work accidents can lead to life-threatening situations. A TÜV certificate or TÜV quality mark ensures that a product, service, process or organization meets the requirements of the law, official standards and quality marks.

To do so, we have taken the following measures:

- ISO 14001 certification
- Member of the MVO Nederland association for socially responsible companies
- Constant process and product innovation, especially for recycled materials.

Customers demand more and more insight into how companies deal with social issues, such as protection of the environment and applicable environmental laws. The ISO 14001 certification attests that companies take responsibility for the environment and comply with the environmental laws applicable in the industry. The certification itself is a process in which an independent body assesses a company's environmental management system to determine whether the criteria of the ISO 14001 standard are met.

ISO 14001 is often required by customers and in public tenders where sustainable procurement is mandatory. The delivery of this proof for clients and other stakeholders is therefore the main reason for many companies to acquire the ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 is an important element of our pursuit toward more sustainability and social responsibility.

View the Incatro Room Acoustic´s NEN-EN-ISO-14001 certificate here: