Acoustic wall at residential care center De Coendershof

The residential care center De Coendershof in Groningen houses the largest ARTwall ever made by Incatro.

De Coendershof residential care center in Groningen houses the largest ARTwall ever made by Incatro. The gigantic central hall of this building is open in nature, meaning that acoustic improvements were a key factor in the construction process of the complex.

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The ARTwall, consisting of several acoustic panels, was created in collaboration with interior architect Marjan Bulder and inspired by the idea of a large Oriental carpet. First, photographer Jaap Scheffers took detailed pictures of a smaller carpet, with acoustic panels featuring these detail shots and measuring 1 by 1 meter then being assembled by Incatro to form a new larger "carpet" with a size of 4 x 18 meters.

This ARTwall was created and installed on behalf of the contractor who was responsible for the construction of the new residential care complex. The architect’s vision was to use the acoustic wall as an eye-catching feature of the central hall, a plan which came to fruition. In order to install the ARTwall, 25-meter-high scaffolding was necessary, as the acoustic panels were placed at a height of 4 meters.

Incatro is one of the few companies in the Netherlands - perhaps the only one - that is able to construct a seamless acoustic wall of this size.

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