City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam)

The city of Amsterdam commissioned Incatro to install acoustic screens between several working groups.
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Project: Amsterdam municipality / Triade building, Jan van Galenstraat.
Client: MVB Bouw Amsterdam
Architect: INarchitects Amsterdam
Products: Incatro ARTbaffle / ARTscreen

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The city of Amsterdam commissioned Incatro to install acoustic screens between several working groups. The customer preferred screens that are attached to the suspended ceiling as well as the floor with steel cables.

This choice was not a problem in itself, however in this case, distances of up to 6 meters needed to be bridged with screens 240 cm high. With a panel thickness of 9 cm and a weight of 15 kilograms per square meter, a panel easily weighs 55 kilograms, and the panels had to be carried via stairs to the first and fourth floors. As a result, it was decided to divide the panels into manageable sizes: 188 x 240 cm, 190 x 240 cm and 155 x 240 cm.

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Proposed solution: ARTbaffle. These panels have a thickness of 90 millimetres, an aluminium frame and are covered with acoustic material on both sides.

The panels that were supplied are double-sided and are fitted with acoustic material on each side. They are maintenance-free and can be vacuumed from time to time to ensure long-term use.


• Economical: savings through higher work efficiency.

• Effective: achieve the highest achievable acoustic values ​​in the market (NRC 0.95 and Alpha w of 1).

• Flexible: adapt to changing work environments.

• Safe: the visible surface has fire protection class B1, the core A2.

• Visually appealing: can either be inconspicuous or very decorative.

• Taut: the covered visible surfaces remain taut at all times.

• High quality: high-end quality finish and appeal

• Interchangeable: the visible surface is easily exchangeable.

• Creative: available in solid colours or with print.

100% guarantee of quality and function!


To increase stability and safety, Incatro suggested not to attach the panels with cables, but to place them on elegant stainless-steel feet which are attached to the floor. More panels were attached to the suspended ceiling by using custom stainless steel brackets.

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