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Joining forces

Incatro works together with various partners, such as architectural firms, office and project designers, sound agencies, construction companies and other consultants.

We also join forces with other companies through network organizations such as the Inspirium, in order to service specific industries.

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Inspirium Breda and Amsterdam

Inspirium is a unique knowledge and inspiration platform for the hospitality industry where expert partners share their knowledge and experience with you from their own expert role (interior & styling, technology & equipment, food & beverage, advice & services and knowledge & inspiration). At the Inspirium you will therefore find all the ingredients for a unique hospitality concept under one roof.

There is great openness and synergy. Within Inspirium we share the same mission and vision when it comes to hospitality. All partners are experts in their field and make every effort to realize an optimal hospitality experience for your customers and guests. All partners within Inspirium are independent entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, a visit to one of the partners can lead to spontaneous acquaintances with other partners.

Showroom inspirium amsterdam

Inspirium was founded in 2011 and has since grown into a household name in the hospitality industry.

Success stems from the approach and strength of our expert partners. Together we form a unique knowledge and inspiration platform in the field of hospitality and interior design, in which the two physical locations, Amsterdam and Breda, play an important role. You will experience the synergy between the partners immediately upon entering and it is enhanced by the presence of various experience areas in which several partners are represented.

Expert partners

Incatro stands for high-quality acoustic solutions and works together with companies with the same drive and passion.

Het Geluidburo Logo

Het GeluidBuro BV

Engineering firm, specialized in sound.

Our partner for specialist acoustic measurements.

More info: website Het GeluidBuro

Schaapsound Logo


Partner and national AV specialist for churches, auditoriums and companies

More info: website Schaapsound

Peutz Logo


The Peutz Group is a group of independent consultancy firms in the fields of acoustics, noise control, building physics, environmental technology and facade technology.

Our partner for testing our products (measurements of acoustic performance).

More info: website Peutz

Akustik und Raum Logo

Akustik und Raum

Expert in Room Acoustics

Our partner for delivering acoustic solutions for customers in southern Germany

More info: website Akustik und Raum

Schall und Raum Logo klein

Schall und Raum

Specialized in creating optimal room acoustics

Our partner for complex acoustic measurements and acoustic simulations

More info: website Schall und Raum

Muller BBM Logo

Müller BBM

Müller-BBM Industry Solution GmbH is an engineering company for consulting services, testing and planning in all areas of acoustics and environmental protection.

Our partner for testing our products (measurements of acoustic performance).

More info: website Müller BBM

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