Incatro history & future

About us

Incatro Room Acoustics B.V. specialises in room acoustics. Incatro provides consulting services on the absorption of disruptive noise in virtually any situation and environment. Incatro designs and manufactures its range of ARTpanel products in Roermond, which provide more than just a technical solution. Bringing the right atmosphere and emotion into a space is just as important. That is why Incatro also provides advice about how its products can be applied in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Company history:

Incatro was established by Carl Huijskens in 1993, starting with project installation as its core activity, with an emphasis on room acoustics since 1999. In that year, Incatro was the first in the world to develop a highly effective noise absorber, which has since been refined and still sets the standard internationally.

In 2004, Incatro turned its focus completely to room acoustics, and the enterprise is based on consulting and the further development and production of products. Since then, the emphasis has been on developing the best solutions and offering them at the best possible price.

The Future and Innovations:
To be able to offer clients high quality service, it is absolutely essential to work with experienced specialists in specific aspects of the field. For this reason, Incatro works with universities, engineers and leading manufacturers, among others, to keep the technical conditions up to date and state of the art.

At Incatro, this close collaboration translates into new developments, which in turn lead to an even better acoustic climate, because Incatro’s major passion in technology and design is room acoustics!

With the introduction of this new website – including a web shop to meet increasing demand from private customers - Incatro now operates under the ARTpanel brand, the trade name of Incatro Room Acoustics B.V.

Incatro Room Acoustics B.V.
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