Acoustic advice

Incatro offers you tailor-made acoustic services. These include acoustic measurements (basic or including a detailed report), non-binding price indications in advance or personal consultations. The costs for the different types of measurements are indicated to you on request and can generally be deducted from the order value at a later stage.

Have you noticed disturbing reverberations and hollow sound in your home or at work? We are happy to make you a non-binding offer for a solution.

We give specific acoustic advice on location, which includes the measurement of all parameters that determine the acoustics.


Tailor-made acoustic advice needed?

A common nuisance: disturbing noise at the office or at home.

You feel that a room is too loud, too hollow, too cool, too reverberating or too tiring. You find it hard to follow conversations or to find peace of mind, and the speech privacy is poor. 
You can hear other people or colleagues during their activities, and this disturbs your own…....

How do we solve these problems for you?

First of all, we listen to you and let you tell us about your experiences. Just like colour, taste and temperature, the experience of “sound“ is very subjective: what one person might find disturbing, might be tolerated by another

Next, we often give you a cost indication in based on the size and acoustic properties of the respective rooms, such as the materials that are used and the furnishing. We kindly ask you to send us this information in advance, so that we can get started as soon as possible. Based on these conditions and the composition of the room, we are already able to make a first suggestion regarding a solution that might suit your needs.

Provided that our cost indication meets your expectations, we make a personal appointment with you in order to look and “hear” around the room. We perform a so-called “zero measurement“ to show you the extent of the actual noise pollution. Next, we compare the measured reverberation times to the norms of the NEN-NPR 3438 as well as the new ISO 3382-3 regulations. For a price quotation regarding a sound measurement, please contact us via phone at +31 (0) 475 33 69 69 or email us.

For sound studios and musical acoustics, other regulations and reference values apply. Costs are generally higher for an acoustic measurement in a church, a conference- or meeting room, a concert hall or a studio, where also the tone colour and reverberation times per frequency need to be defined. 
Please contact us via phone at +31 (0)475 33 69 69 or email us for a price quotation. 
In case the acoustic measurements lead to an order, the initial investment can usually be deducted from the order value. Thanks to the measurement you can be sure that you don’t invest more than necessary.

4- Furthermore, we can perform indicative sound pressure measurements. We are able to record the acoustic conditions in open office spaces with multiple workstations as well as in situations where partition walls and doors don’t offer sufficient sound absorption.

5- To give you full security that your investment in acoustic solutions delivers the desired result, we let you experience balanced acoustics in advance by using up to twelve square demo panels. These serve also as examples for the aesthetic
appearance of our products.


6- Rooms where the acoustic conditions need to be improved are often already designed and furnished. Acoustic solutions should be in harmony with the interior and enhance the atmosphere of a room. During our consultation, we talk about your personal expectations and take photos of the location. These photos are used later to visualize the different solutions available.

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Solution for acoustics in any environment

Solution for acoustics in any environment

Your office space requires different acoustic solutions than a house or public space. With our years of experience, we can serve every sector in the right way.

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