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Video: the making-of an ARTwall for an open-plan kitchen

Improving acoustics in an open-plan kitchen

Super sleek kitchen

During the installation of a new super sleek kitchen and a new (hard) floor, the customer immediately noticed the changed acoustics in the room: reverberation

Incatro was called in to solve this problem so that the new kitchen not only looks good but also sounds cozy.

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Too much reverberation due to hard materials

The measured reverberation time was more than 1.1 seconds and there is no longer any question of comfortable acoustics. Our calculation showed that a minimum of 14.5 square meters of absorption had to be added to achieve a reverberation time of 0.7s.

Anything above 0.8s will be experienced as 'reverb', anything below will be experienced as 'comfortable'.

Matching the interior

A wall-filling ARTwall of 430 x 260 cm [12 m2] and an ARTpanel of 240 x 140 cm [4 m2] were chosen. The customer wanted to provide the acoustic wall with a print in order to immediately add some color and warmth to the whole.

An image by the artist Leonid Afremov was chosen. A photo from our image archive was chosen for the panel.

A wall that takes and gives sound!?

We also advised the customer to immediately conceal the audio installation in the acoustic wall. This can be built in perfectly and invisibly thanks to bluetooth technology.

The end result of the efforts resulted in a reverberation time of 0.7 seconds and an eye-catching end result.

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