Bar-Restaurant Kasteeltje Hattem in Roermond

Improving acoustics for the restaurant and bar

The right atmosphere

To ensure that guests were not bothered by annoying sound reflections, Kasteeltje Hattem was looking for an acoustic solution for their bar and the adjacent restaurant area that would guarantee the peace and privacy of their guests and allow them to enjoy their company and the served drinks and food.

Incatro recommended an acoustic ceiling in every room. A beautiful solution that changes with the time of year.

Kasteeltje Hattem
Roermond (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
35 m2 absorption added
Bar and restaurant
Deliverd products

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Kasteeltje Hattem is located in the city park of Roermond. A beautiful catering facility where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, possibly combined with an overnight stay in a luxury hotel suite. The location is also very popular for weddings and other celebrations. A household name in Roermond and the surrounding area.

Incatro Kasteeltje Hattem horeca AR Tceiling 1

Pure enjoyment

The cozy bar of Kasteeltje Hattem is the regular meeting place for every guest. Here you can enjoy a delicious aperitif or have a nightcap before going to sleep.

From the bar you can go to the adjacent restaurant area via an open connection.

The owners of Kasteeltje Hattem have paid a lot of attention to the design and atmosphere of their catering facility. They have used many hard materials for this. In case of insufficient absorption, these can cause annoying sound reflections. Fortunately, they recognized that problem and asked Incatro for advice.

Incatro Kasteeltje Hattem horeca AR Tceiling 14

Acoustics improve the experience

In order to absorb the sounds as much as possible at the place where they come from, our acoustic consultant has recommended installing an ARTceiling, a top product from our collection of acoustic ceilings, in both rooms.

In the bar area, this acoustic ceiling has a size of 2.15 x 5.30 m. In the restaurant area, a sound-absorbing ceiling of 2.35 by just over 10 meters has been installed. All together 35 m2 of extra absorption surface.

That makes everything a lot more pleasant.

Funny detail

The owners of Kasteeltje Hattem like fun activities. The same goes for our acoustic ceiling.

Every year, at Christmas time, the white fabric of these ceilings is replaced by a fabric with a print of red Christmas baubles. Completely in keeping with the atmosphere of that time.

Because the fabric is provided with a tendon, replacing the fabric is relatively easy. Nice to occasionally change the look or if the canvas has become dirty, for example. The acoustic construction then simply remains in place, only the fabric is replaced.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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