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An auditorium equipped with 74 square meters of seamless acoustic walls? No problem for Incatro.
Incatro akoestiek artwall2
Incatro akoestiek artwall2

An auditorium equipped with 74 square meters of seamless acoustic walls? No problem for Incatro. At the Inholland University of Applied Sciences in The Hague, we covered the auditorium’s walls with custom-made and sound-absorbing materials. As a result, reverberation was reduced, and the auditorium was given a completely new look.

The auditorium’s acoustic wall covering is characterized by a large panoramic photo displaying the “Binnenhof” of The Hague, giving the auditorium’s visitors the impression of being in the city center. Bringing this project to life was a significant task: the wall was manufactured in several separate parts and seamlessly assembled into one wall on site. Furthermore, the Incatro team had to take the auditorium’s sloping floor and ceiling into account, as well as the pipes on the walls.

Incatro akoestiek artwall1

Acoustics in an auditorium

An auditorium is a multifunctional hall and is often used for communal gatherings, conferences with speakers, events,and lectures with large numbers of students. In such a space - where many people are frequently gathered - speech intelligibility is very important. When reverberation occurs in an auditorium, teachers must raise (and strain) their voices in order to be clearly heard – as a result, more than half of all teachers in the Netherlands suffer from vocal problems, with one third even being forced to temporarily stop working. Students, too, suffer from the effect of poor acoustics, as loud noise has a negative effect on concentration, speech intelligibility and academic performance.

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