Acoustic panels

Do you suffer from reverberations, echoes, or other disturbing sound reflections in your work or home environment? Then the problem is often poor acoustics. Our acoustic panels put an end to this once and for all: By literally "soaking up" disturbing sound reflections, they reduce reverberations and improve speech intelligibility.

Our acoustic panels are characterised by a high absorption value (up to 95%), high-quality workmanship, and the possibility of taking special details into account. They are developed and produced in-house and installed on site by our expert installation team.

Acoustic panels


Perfect sound absorption on the wall


Perfect sound absorption on the wall


Perfect sound absorption on the ceiling

ARTpanel / ARTwall / ARTceiling 89 mm

Acoustic panels for broadband and low-frequency absorption


Perfect sound absorption using acoustic screens

ARTdeskscreen 90mm Klasse A

Perfect sound absorption in the office

ARTdeskscreen 52mm Klasse B

Perfect sound absorption in the office


Acoustic whiteboard – magnetic board


Protecting your privacy


Perfect sound absorption with acoustic baffles


Perfect sound absorption with hanging acoustic panels


Rotating acoustic partition wall


Acoustic system with rimless panels in polyester wool

INCAbaffle 48mm

Free-hanging acoustic panel made of frameless polyester wool panels


Perfect sound absorption using wood


Versatile acoustic solution with a fresh design
Acoustic solution for every room

Acoustic solution for every room

An office space requires a different acoustic solution than a living area in a care center or a classroom in education. We advise you the solution that suits your situation!

Solutions for your room