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Cicero Care Center Op den Toren in Nuth

Improving acoustics in the hallway

Annoying sound reflections in the hallway

In the basement of Care center Op den Toren is a long corridor that is finished with hard materials. The length of the corridor gives sound the opportunity to reflect.

Incatro was asked to find a solution for these acoustic problems.

Cicero Zorgcentrum Op den Toren
Nuth (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
25 m2 absorption added
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Care center of the future

Cicero Zorggroep is a leading and innovative care provider for the elderly in South Limburg. With 14 locations and a wide range of care services at home, Cicero Zorggroep can support and serve clients and their informal carers in many areas.

Care center Op den Toren in Nuth is a modern and attractive care location, where optimal use is made of technological resources. Cicero himself calls it a care center of the future.

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Flutter echo

A number of apartments are located in the basement with access to the garden, all of which open onto a long corridor. This corridor is 40 meters long and almost 3 meters high.

The hallway is finished with hard materials. This gives sound every opportunity to reverberate. The long, parallel walls even create a flutter echo with a disturbing ticking sound as a result.

Very annoying for the people who use the corridor and the residents in the adjacent apartments.

Cicero AR Twall 6

25 meters of acoustic wall covering

To remove this reverberation and echo, an acoustic solution is needed for almost the entire length of the corridor.

Our ARTwall, from our collection of acoustic wall panels, can be fully customized and is therefore an ideal solution in these types of situations.

In total, this acoustic wall covering has a size of 25 meters, in 6 parts, and is provided with a print that continues from part to part.

This creates a beautiful acoustic solution that completely blends in with its surroundings and radiates tranquility.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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