Cozy kitchen in Breda

Improving acoustics in a kitchen

Too much reverb and echo

The residents of this beautiful 1930s house have a cozy kitchen.

Due to the sleek and hard finish, they complain about problems with reverberation and echo. Incatro advised them to add extra absorption in the form of 2 ARTwalls, from our range of acoustic wall panels, on the walls.

Private customer
Breda (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
7,5 m2 absorption added
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Incatro fam Goudswaard AR Twall 6

Loads of reverberation and echo

Due to the finish with hard materials on the ceiling, walls and floor, the sound reverberates and the residents experience nuisance from their own noise.

To solve this, it is necessary to add extra absorption. In this way, these annoying sound reflections can be absorbed.

Reverberation measurement

Our acoustic consultant has been on site for an acoustic investigation and reverberation measurement. The measurement indicated a reverberation time of 1.01, while a reverberation time of 0.6 is pleasant for a living space.

Incatro fam Goudswaard AR Twall 8

Acoustic wall solution

In consultation with the residents, it was decided to install 2 ARTwalls.

A white acoustic wall panel against the wall above the kitchen unit and a striking gray wall panel against the wall near the dining table.

Completely matching the existing design of the kitchen. Nice!

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