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Henneman van Hees Orthodontists in Breda

Improving acoustics in the treatment room

Open structure

Henneman-van Hees Orthodontists is a family practice with 3 branches in Breda, Etten-Leur and Oosterhout.

The open structure of the practice in Breda gave reverberation and echo plenty of room. Incatro provided the right acoustic solution while retaining the open character.

Henneman van Hees Orthodontisten
Breda (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
29 m2 absorption added
Treatment room
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Multiple treatment places in 1 room

The practice in Breda, like the other practices, is modern with a pleasant appearance. Although the space is divided into different areas, it has an open character.

Sound can travel anywhere in this room. So during the renovation it immediately became clear that attention had to be paid to acoustics.

To keep the sound of a specific place in this place and to reduce or prevent disturbing sound reflections and reverberation.

Ortho Breda AR Twall 2

Large absorbent surface

We have advised to apply an absorbent surface in a number of strategic places. For example, we installed 4 ARTwalls, the seamless and wall-filling variant within our range of acoustic wall solutions.

An ARTwall with a print of a construction drawing of the practice hangs on 2 walls near the dental chairs.

On another wall we installed a white ARTwall with a cut-out for the window of 1.10 by 1.10 m.

We installed a white ARTwall on a wall between 2 rooms. Completely in keeping with the atmosphere and appearance of the practice. And totally unobtrusive in a good way.

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