Hollow sound in the pool

Improving acoustics in the swimming pool of a private hous.

Lots of annoying sound reflections

A stay in the swimming pool of this private customer was not pleasant. Due to all hard surfaces, sound reflections had complete freedom.

Incatro added extra sound absorption so that the reverberation and hollow sound disappeared. Now it is nice to relax in this room.

Private customer
Giessenburg (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
47 m2 absorption added
Swimming pool residential house

A beautiful acoustic ceiling

This private customer has a beautiful swimming pool area, but with many hard materials. The water surface is also a hard surface where sound waves have the opportunity to reflect.

This means that a stay in this space can be unpleasant. It is difficult to understand each other and can even become more tired instead of relaxed.

Incatro advised to use 3 elongated acoustic ceiling panels, in this case our ARTceiling. To integrate it with the rest of the space, it was decided to provide it with a gray fabric. Interspersed with the rows of spots, these give a nice interpretation of the space.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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