Home cinema in the basement

Improving acoustics for a home theater in the basement

Optimal experience in image and sound

Because of their love for films, the residents of this yet-to-be-built house immediately had in mind to create a beautiful home cinema in the basement.

They approached Poulissen Audio & Video center in Roermond for the equipment. Incatro was commissioned for the acoustic design of the home cinema.

Private customer
Heythuysen (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
25.2 m2 absorption added
Home theater

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Acoustically dry

Because the space still had to be built, the acoustic design of the space can of course be taken into account from the start.

For a normal room in the house, the reverberation time is approximately 0.6 seconds. In a home cinema or hi-fi listening room this should be lower, around 0.4/0.5 seconds. The room must be acoustically 'dry'. This means that sounds sound very short and muffled.

Low bass tones

In addition to reducing the reverberation time, it is also important to absorb in the full frequency spectrum.

Film sounds have more and heavier bass than classical music, for example. This must also be absorbed to prevent annoying reflections.

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Absorption and diffusion

It is therefore necessary to properly regulate the behavior of sound. An optimal combination between absorption and diffusion.

For the ceiling we recommended 2 ARTceiling of 58 mm thick, from our range of acoustic ceilings. In addition, we have recommended a number of acoustic wall panels for the side walls in the form of ARTpanels 89mm and ARTwalls 89mm, with both absorbent surfaces and diffusers. This special 89mm profile is ideal as a broadband absorber with extra bass absorption.

If that was ultimately not enough to absorb the bass tones sufficiently, we could have added 2 more ARTbases, also specifically made to absorb the low bass tones. But in the end that wasn't necessary.

Together, this combination of acoustic solutions creates a fantastic cinematic experience.

Satisfied customer

The customer himself states in a review on our website: “Incatro has made a room in the basement of our new-build home suitable for use as a home cinema. The result is a great place to watch a movie with Dolby Atmos surround sound or listen to all the details of music. The acoustics of the room are simply very nice. The finish of the acoustic panels is of a very high level.”

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