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Shell headquarters in The Hague

Improving acoustics in the office

2000 ARTpanels

Incatro has been selected from various suppliers to improve the office acoustics for one of the oldest and most characteristic office buildings of Shell Netherlands, at Carel van Bylandtlaan 30 in The Hague. A fantastic project where almost 2000 ARTpanels, from our collection of acoustic wall panels, have been applied.

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Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

One of the oldest Shell offices in the Netherlands is located at Carel van Bylandtlaan 30 (C30) in The Hague. This stately building dates from 1917 and has the status of a national monument. Shell has completely renovated the building and prepared it for the future, with sustainability as a top priority.

“Old on the outside, new on the inside. The renovation must bridge the gap between the monumental character and at the same time meet the wishes for future work. Just as the building was a model of modernity on the inside when it opened in 1917,” Shell writes on its own website.

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Improving acoustics in the office

The Shell office has once again been given an office function, but with a modern look. During the renovation, hard stucco was used on the walls and ceilings. In addition, the 25,000 square meter office has been divided into a number of smaller spaces with a variety of functions.

Think of: huddle rooms, call cells, large open-plan offices, smaller offices, large meeting rooms, break-out rooms, recovery and rest rooms, lactation rooms, quiet rooms, library. Divided over 5 floors. The most modern audiovisual equipment has been used in every room that is appropriate for the way of working of the future.

The hard surfaces with associated annoying sound reflections, the various functions of the rooms and the use of modern AV equipment meant that extra attention had to be paid to the acoustics within the building and each individual room. Shell has selected Incatro as an expert in room acoustics for this task.

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Speech intelligibility and speech privacy

When determining the solution to the acoustic problems in this office building, it is important to know what the desired situation is. In an office building, speech intelligibility and speech privacy are extremely important. If this is not properly arranged, employees will experience this. This can manifest itself in the form of concentration problems, fatigue, stress with reduced productivity and increased absenteeism as possible long-term consequences.

In addition, the acoustic solution must fit in with the interior with all its special features and the appearance that Shell desires.

Sustainable acoustic solution

In addition to the fact that it is a monumental building and the solution had to be innovative and future-proof, Incatro also had to deal with Shell's requirement that the acoustic solution must meet the requirements of a LEED gold certificate.

Incatro also wants to contribute to a world with an improved quality of life for everyone. That is why Incatro's products have ISO 14001 certification in addition to this LEED certification.

Would you rather discuss your options together? Please call one of our experts on +31 85 48 63 380 or request a quote.

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ARTpanel, our acoustic panel

In total we installed almost 2000 ARTpanels, our acoustic wall panel.

With an absorption value of 95%, this acoustic wall panel is a top product that absorbs reverberation and annoying sound reflections. This ARTpanel improves speech intelligibility and speech privacy within the various rooms.

The ARTpanel is available in any shape, colour and size. Ideal for the very different sizes of the walls in this old building. This also has the advantage that per panel we can also include recesses for wall sockets, AV equipment, thermostats and other transits.

In addition, we have designed a fabric collection with a print color palette especially for Shell that fits in perfectly with the appearance and functionality of the spaces and the building.

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