Living room in Herten

Improving acoustics in a living room

Beautiful ARTwall with cut-out for TV

In connection with the nuisance that the owners of this house had from the sound reflections in their living room, Incatro advised to hang sound-absorbing panels.

The customer's request was to integrate the TV into the total solution.

Private customer
Herten (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
6 m2 absorption added
Living room
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Incatro Kuil van Hilten AR Twall 2

Hollow sound in the living room

The residents of this dike house noticed quite soon after moving into the new house that they were very bothered by a hollow sound in the living room.

Due to the stucco walls and ceiling and a wooden parquet floor, there are many hard surfaces on which the sound can reverberate. This creates reverberation and echo and the residents can hardly understand each other. Very unpleasant.

Incatro advised following a visit on site, during which an acoustic measurement was also done, to hang extra sound-absorbing panels.

Incatro Kuil van Hilten AR Twall 7

Fully integrated

Our ARTwall, from our range of acoustic wall solutions, was chosen in consultation with the customer.

A special request from the customer was whether the television could be part of the acoustic solution. Of course!

Just as we can take into account recesses for windows and doors or transits for lamps or sockets, it is also possible to make a recess in this wall-filling acoustic wall panel for mounting the television.

By also opting for a special print on the fabric, this acoustic element becomes a real eye-catcher in the living room.

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