Modern kitchen in Uden

Improving acoustics in a monumental building

Beautifully integrated acoustic ceiling

On the outside, this worker's house from 1870 still has its characteristic features from that time. The inside, on the other hand, is sleek and modern.

In the kitchen of this house, the residents had a lot of problems with reverberation and echo. Incatro has installed a beautiful acoustic ceiling, in this case an ARTceiling, to dampen the annoying sound reflections.

Private customer
Uden (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
6 m2 absorption added
Eat-in kitchen
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Incatro particulier woonhuis fam de groot uden AR Tceiling 6

Tight and hard finish

The kitchen diner is located at the back of the house, overlooking the garden.

The ceiling is low, which is characteristic of these houses from the 19th century. In the kitchen there is a large cooking island and a long table.

Due to the low ceiling in combination with a hard finish of walls and floors and the materials used, sound can easily reflect and cause reverberation and echo. Despite the beautiful surroundings, a stay in this room is therefore not pleasant.

After an extensive acoustic investigation including reverberation measurement, we advised to add an additional 6 m2 of absorption surface.

Perfect fit in the interior

We installed 2 ARTceilings parallel to each other above the kitchen island and above the dining table.

The spotlights are neatly integrated at the ceiling above the kitchen island. We have implemented the rail with 3 hanging lamps in the acoustic ceiling above the dining table.

With a beautiful result; both optically and acoustically.

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