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Nursing home Catharinenberg in Oisterwijk

Improve acoustics in the corridors

The convent gardens of the sisters

The Begijnhof in the new building of the Catharinenberg residential care center has a large glass roof and lots of glass and hard materials.

Incatro has installed 46 ARTwalls in the recesses of the corridor to improve the acoustics with a beautiful print of the flora from the former monastery gardens.

Verpleeghuis Catharinenberg
Oisterwijk (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
110 m2 absorption added
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Nice collaboration

Residential care center Catharinenberg in Oisterwijk offers a warm home to people with dementia. In addition, they also offer daytime activities to elderly people living at home who are looking for daytime activities and relaxation.

The client for this project was the housing association Leystromen from Rijen. Wijnen Bouw was involved as a contractor. Ellen Brouwers as a visual artist.

Catharinenberg AR Twall Incatro 5

Acoustics in modern new construction

The new building, which was taken into use at the beginning of 2012, houses 87 apartments.

In order not to make the building appear too massive, the building is divided into different parts. Not only by applying glass transitions, but also by using different colors of bricks. Each apartment has large windows and the hallway has a large glass roof.

With all that glass and hard materials, attention also had to be paid to the acoustics.

Catharinenberg AR Twall Incatro 8

Acoustic solution with a piece of history

We received the assignment to improve the acoustics in the corridors of the Begijnhof via Wijnen Bouw. Our advice was to place 46 ARTwalls in the recesses of the corridor.

Ellen Brouwers, visual artist from Oisterwijk, has thought of providing this product from our range of acoustic wall solutions with a print with reproductions of drawings of flora from the monastery garden. Coming from the archives of the sisters in Sint Agatha.

In total, approximately 110 m2 of extra absorption has been installed in this corridor, making it a lot more pleasant to stay in these beautiful open corridors.

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