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Clinic for periodontology in Amsterdam

Improving acoustics in the reception area

Busy at the reception desk

The Clinic for Periodontology Amsterdam is a large periodontology practice in Amsterdam.

At the reception desk, a lot of noise is produced by various tasks. Incatro was asked to dampen the annoying sound reflections and improve speech intelligibility.

Kliniek voor parodontologie
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
13 m2 absorption added
Reception room
Deliverd products
ARTceiling ARTpanel

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Lots of annoying sound reflections

The Amsterdam Periodontology Clinic employs 10 dentists, 15 dental hygienists, 15 assistants, 7 receptionists and 3 people for office and support.

In such a large practice, attention to communication is essential. Answering phone calls, receiving visitors, processing appointments. It's all done by the 7 receptionists at the large reception desk at the entrance of the building.

All those different forms of communication also produce a lot of noise together. Due to the hard floor, hard walls and the use of a lot of glass, sound has a good chance to reflect. In addition, the receptionists sit together and are therefore bothered by each other's noises.

It would be ideal if the sounds that are there are toned down and also have less chance to reflect through the space.

Kliniek voor Paradontologie Amsterdam AR Tceiling halfrond 22 verk

Custom-made acoustic ceiling

Following an extensive acoustic investigation on site, we advised to install extra absorption above the counter in order to immediately absorb the noises that arise there.

The counter has a beautiful semi-circular shape, which is why we advised to make the ARTceiling, a top product from our acoustic ceiling solutions, in the same semi-circular shape.

We also made feed-throughs in the acoustic ceiling especially for the light spots that hung there, so that they merge into the total solution.

Including an extra ARTpanel on the pillar, we have added a total of almost 13 m2 of absorption surface.

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