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Pharmacy Brouns in Swalmen

Improving acoustics in the waiting room

Service en privacy

Service Pharmacy Brouns in Swalmen is a local pharmacy. The residents of the village can walk in for advice regarding all kinds of health matters and to collect their medicines.

The sleek, smooth finish of the waiting area caused many annoying sound reflections. An ARTceiling, one of our Incatro acoustic ceilings, provides the necessary absorption.

Apotheek Brouns
Swalmen (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
16 m2 absorption added
Waiting room/reception room
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Large space with hard finish

The pharmacy is located in a large open space, where the counter separates the employees of the pharmacy from the customers.
In the reception and waiting area of the pharmacy, many hard materials have been used for the finishing; hard plastered walls, a plastered ceiling and a beautiful stone floor.

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Disastrous for the acoustics

Finishing with hard materials is nice and tight, but disastrous for the acoustics.

Sound from conversations, for example, reverberates against all these hard surfaces, making it difficult to understand each other and it is not pleasant to stay in this room.

The employees of the pharmacy, who spend all day in this room, have to make an effort to concentrate. This can lead to fatigue, tension, irritation and ultimately lead to health problems.

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Waiting more pleasant

In order to best absorb the sounds of the conversations of people waiting, it was decided to install an acoustic ceiling directly above the seats and across the entire width of the waiting area.

This prevents the sound from bouncing back to the hard floor via the ceiling and continuing to reverberate.

The 2 ARTceilings of approximately 7 meters long and slightly more than 1 meter wide, with a total of approximately 16 m2 absorbing surface, ensure that the sound in the room 'behaves' better in the room and the stay for customer and employee in that room becomes much more pleasant.

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