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Pharmacy St. Andreas in Velden

Improving acoustics at the counter

Privacy at the counter

Pharmacy St Andreas Velden has been located in the Health Center of Velden since November 2019 together with Huisartsenpraktijk Maasduinen. The new building has a modern look with the use of many hard materials.

Incatro was hired to improve the acoustics

Apotheek St. Andreas
Velden (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
20 m2 absorption added

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Modern design

The new building of the Health Center was designed by Jan Hermkes architects. The interior construction was provided by Nick Maessen.

The large space of the pharmacy has been given a modern look with a beautiful smooth floor, smooth plastered walls and a high ceiling. There is a counter in the room where 3 people can be helped at the same time.

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Too little absorption

If not enough absorption material is installed in this room, sound will have the chance to reverberate and reverberation and echo will occur.

Visitor and employee can no longer understand each other. They will then start shouting louder in an attempt to make themselves understood, so that even more noise is produced and privacy-sensitive information can also end up with other visitors to the pharmacy.

Incatro's expertise was called in to prevent this.

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Acoustic custom solution

Incatro installed 3 custom-made PRIVACYscreens at the counter.

An ARTwall and an ARTpanel are mounted on the outer wall. And a number of 52mm thick ARTbreezes have been placed in the cabinets to absorb the annoying sound reflections.

In total an area of just over 20 m2.

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