Pool Center 4 Friends in Tilburg

Improving acoustics for a pool and billiard center

Fully enjoy

“Play a game of pool with your friends in the ambiance of your own living room”. This can be read on the website of Pool Center 4 Friends.

This will not work if sound reflects annoyingly and negatively affects the relaxed atmosphere. Incatro had the right acoustic solution for this hospitable company.

Pool Center 4 Friends
Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
22 m2 absorption added
Pool center
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Pool center and sports bar 4 Friends is a cozy café in Tilburg where you can enjoy a game of pool, snooker, darts or watch your favorite match. Or are you up for the challenge of escaping from the Escaperoom?!

For every activity they offer a pleasant evening out in a homely atmosphere.

Incatro Poolcentrum 4 Friends Tilburg AR Tceiling 3

Lots of noise

With 17 pool tables, 1 snooker table, 1 billiards table and 5 darts lanes (all professional level) many people can be present on busy days. The conversations of the people, the sounds of the tapping of the billiard balls, the conviviality of the watching audience. Sound abounds.

To ensure that these sounds no longer reflected and would therefore have a negative impact on the performance of the athletes and the spectators, additional absorption was necessary.

Incatro Poolcentrum 4 Friends Tilburg AR Tceiling 5

Acoustic ceiling

The best place to mount these acoustic panels is where the sound is produced. For example, in this situation it was decided to place our ARTceiling, one of our acoustic ceilings, above 7 pool tables.

With regard to the appearance, the colors and shapes of a billiard ball were chosen. Each ARTceiling also received the number of the relevant table.

A beautiful and practical solution, which also fully integrates with the atmosphere and appearance of the pool center.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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