Stichting Onderwijs Midden-Limburg in Roermond

Improve acoustics for the canteen and meeting room

Rest for the staff office

The SOML staff office houses the board and those responsible for the various staff departments such as HRM, Finance and Housing & Facilities.

Incatro was asked to improve the acoustics of the meeting room and canteen in the basement.

Stichting Onderwijs Midden-Limburg (SOML)
Roermond (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
9 m2 absorption added
Canteen and meeting room
Deliverd products
ARTpanel ARTceiling ARTbase

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SOML is a Central Limburg school community with 7 secondary schools. At this school community, about 7000 students receive education from approximately 950 employees.

Incatro SOML AR Tceiling AR Tpanel AR Tbase 3


The canteen of the staff office is located in the basement of the building. During the reverberation measurement of our acoustic consultant, the reverberation time turned out to be 1 second, while 0.5-0.6 seconds would be pleasant.

It is a small room with a low ceiling, finished with hard materials. This gives reverberation and echo every opportunity. Our advice: extra absorption.

Conference room

The meeting room on the ground floor of the building is used for board and staff meetings, with or without audiovisual support.

Here one is mainly bothered by the low bass tones that continue to float through the room. Very unpleasant. And it makes it difficult for people to understand each other.

Incatro SOML AR Tceiling AR Tpanel AR Tbase 1

The right acoustic solution

Incatro has the right solution for both problems.

In the canteen we recommended hanging an ARTceiling, one of our acoustic ceilings, and an ARTpanel, a bestseller from our acoustic wall panel collection. This ensures that the sound can no longer reflect.

In the meeting room we have placed our ARTbase. This acoustic column has been specially developed by us to absorb the annoying bass tones (from 125 Hz).

We also installed an ARTpanel on a previous occasion.

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