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UMCG Beatrixoord in Haren

Improving acoustics in the central hall

A good reception

The large central hall of the new main entrance, which opened in 2017, has a hard finish and many glass sections.

Incatro was called in to ensure that the acoustics match the function of the hall.

UMCG Beatrixoord
Haren (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
10 m2 absorptions added
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Central hall with multiple functions

You can go to UMCG Beatrixoord, the Center for Rehabilitation in Haren, for appointments, examinations and treatment in the field of disorders of the posture and musculoskeletal system due to a physical disability or chronic illness.

In 2017, after a 2-year renovation, Beatrixoord opened a new main entrance as the start of the celebration of its 100th anniversary. The large central hall of the Beatrixoord serves as a reception hall, waiting area and is the central meeting place within the building. It has an open character with lots of glass and the 1st floor also opens onto this central hall.

UMCG Beatrixoord Haren Marjan Bulder AR Twall 1

Annoying sound reflections

The finish of walls, floor and ceiling is hard. This gives sound the opportunity to reflect through the room, creating reverberation and echo.

People have difficulty understanding each other and have to make extra effort to speak and hear. A stay in the hall would not be pleasant for the employee and patient.

That is the reason to immediately include acoustics in the design and appearance of the new main entrance.

UMCG Beatrixoord Haren Marjan Bulder AR Twall 2

Acoustic eye catcher

To reduce the reverberation and sound reflections, a large surface area of absorbing material is required. Our advice was to hang a large ARTwall, from our range of acoustic wall solutions.

The acoustic wall covering has a size of 2 meters wide and 5 meters high. And came to hang 80 cm above the ground. Due to the large dimensions, the ARTwall was mounted on site.

A 10 m2 print was stretched on the ARTwall with a piece of history on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Beatrixoord. The design for this was provided by Marjan Bulder of Buro Bulder.

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